Vlog: What to do if your Child has a Birth Injury?

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What action can you take if a child is born with a birth injury? If your child has been subjected to an injury during the birthing process, we can help. Watch as Jeff explains the necessary steps to take in this tragic, and possibly life-threatening case.

Q: My child has a birth injury. What should I do now?

A: If you have a child who you believe has a birth injury, meaning an injury that happened during birth or the birthing process, there may be a doctor that performed an improper procedure that caused the injury. If this happens, you should immediately see an attorney.

We can get the records from the hospital before they somehow disappear or are destroyed. We are able to look at the medical records and have a doctor who is sophisticated in that type of medicine to determine if there was a departure from the standard of care.  We work with the best, you get the best and we are able to determine if your child can get compensation for the injury for the rest of his or her life.

Discovering Birth Injuries Later in Life

It should be done as soon as possible, but if a birth injury is discovered at age 5 or age 7, is not too late. We still may be able to and have been able to do something for the child. There’s a statute of limitations. For the child it is one year from the child’s 18th birthday. So you have a long statute for the child. The parents have a one year statute. Call us and we will take a look.


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