How Can I Prove Medical Malpractice Took Place?

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An incident in medical malpractice can happen at any time. As a patient or loved one of a patient, it is important to understand how to prove it happened in a court of law. Jeff breaks it down for you in the video below.

How can a patient prove that medical malpractice took place in order to have a case?

The only way a patient can prove that medical malpractice took place is by using a physician. In Ohio you must have a doctor testify. The attorney has to go out and first get an affidavit of merit before you file suit. That means the doctor looked at it and believes there’s a case.

Then you get a specialist in the field and have that specialist look at the case at which point he or she can come in and write a report and testify both in deposition, which is before the actual trial, and of course at trial if the case is not settled.

Last modified on March 17, 2018. Published by Friedman, Domiano & Smith Co., L.P.A.

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