Oil Well Death Lawsuit Reaches Settlement

Oil Well Death Lawsuit Reaches Settlement
Oil Well Death Lawsuit Reaches Settlement

Marathon Oil has been involved in a wrongful death lawsuit involving the mother of a 21-year-old Montana man who was found dead at a North Dakota oil well in 2012. The lawsuit has been settled.

Marathon spokeswoman, Lee Warren, confirmed that a no-fault settlement was reached last week.

Dustin Bergsing was found unresponsive on an oil storage tank’s walkway near Dunn County in North Dakota over a year ago on January 7, 2012, where the cover of the tank was found open.

North Dakota’s medical examiner determined that the 21-year-old died from hydrocarbon poisoning due to inhaling petroleum vapors. No drugs or other toxic substances were found in his system, along with a clear history of health problems.

Bergsing worked for the Across Big Sky Flow Testing of Dickinson, which was contracted by Marathon Oil, however OSHA found no violations of federal standards during his investigation.


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