A lawsuit filed by a Texas City man accuses Galveston police of savagely beating him

Police car on old road
Police car on old road

Reginal Deon Davis of Texas City sued the City of Galveston  for, “failing to properly train it’s officers”; those officers being Archie Chapman and Jose H. Santos who allegedly exerted excessive force after an altercation that was caught on a dashboard video. According to Chron.com:

Police Chief Henry Porretto said Davis had been convicted on two previous drug charges and was facing a possible third strike. He said Davis grabbed something from the seat of the car and put it in his pocket before fleeing.

An internal police investigation completed before Davis filed a complaint determined that officers used necessary force, Porretto said.

The Lawsuit Continues

The lawsuit alleges that on March 19 Davis was asleep in his car in Galveston without a camping permit. According to Chron.com,”Santos allegedly awakened Davis at 1:45 a.m. and asked him to place his hands on the hood of the police car.

Davis ran onto the beach, was tased and tackled as he staggered to his feet, according to the lawsuit. Davis alleges that Santos, Chapman and three other officers beat him as he lay in the surf and forced his head under water.”

For more information about this pending case and video footage of the altercation, visit Chron.com.


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