Couple in Florida Files Lawsuit Against Child Welfare Agencies

Couple in Florida files lawsuit against child welfare agencies
Couple in Florida files lawsuit against child welfare agencies

A couple in Brevard County, Florida has filed a lawsuit against five state and local child welfare agencies, claiming that officials did not investigate reports of two children, who the couple later adopted, being abused while in foster care. The suit, filed by the parents who are using alias names in order to protect the privacy of the children , seek unspecified damages from the foster mother, Florida Department of Children and Families, Brevard Family Partnership, Florida Mentor, and the Devereaux Foundation and Intervention Services.

It came to light that the children were being abused while in foster care and when the now adoptive parents made a complaint to the DCF about it, they were told to basically drop the complaint or that they would not be approved for the adoption, as was stated by their attorney. The attorney also stated that the children were so physically and mentally harmed by the abuse that the parents had to give up the 6 year old girl, who is now institutionalized. The 4 year old boy still lives at home with the adoptive parents. Although no criminal charges have been filed, the lawsuit states that the children told the parents before their adoption that they had been abused by their foster mother. The complaint filed states that the parents have incurred medical expenses, loss of companionship with the children, and emotional pain and suffering. The adopting family’s attorney says this ordeal has been devastating, to say the least.


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