Co-op City Owes Workers $5 Million in Overtime Compensation

Injured worker compensated 1 million in lawsuit settlement
Injured worker compensated 1 million in lawsuit settlement

Workers at Co-op City apartment complex in the Bronx are claiming that they have been cheated out of compensation, including overtime pay. In a class-action lawsuit, the workers claim that the companies that run the apartment complex have cheated them out of at least $5 million. Roughly 1,000 workers, including some who make less than $30k a year, have been defrauded of overtime pay and other compensation entitled to them under the law.

The lawsuit, which is directed at RiverBay Corp., details that the entity did not pay workers over the course of the last six years.  It cites that employees were being offered comp time, which is illegal and working without pay or at illegal rates during meal breaks and before and after their shifts. Don’t become the next victim of a worker’s compensation scenario like this one.

Call us today at Friedman, Domiano, and Smith and we’ll fight to get you the wages you worked hard for and deserve!   News, reported by New York Daily News.


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