Vlog: What is a Civil Rights Violation?

Vlog Entry

Do you think you’ve been a victim of a civil rights violation? If you’re not sure, watch our vlog as Jeff explains what this situation might entail.

Q: What is a civil rights violation?

A:  A civil rights violation can be any violation that occurs, whether it be by law enforcement or other governmental agencies. It can be improper wiring, tapping, or being stopped by the police because you are a different color or ethnicity. Go out to Arizona and ask some of the Hispanics out there how many times they have been stopped. Civil rights violations also means that if you are arrested for some reason and you’re suicidal and they put you in jail on suicide watch. Someone is supposed to come around every 10-15 minutes and if they don’t and you commit suicide or your child commits suicide because of their failure to monitor you in the proper way, that also falls under a civil rights violation. We work literally with the best in the country in pursuing civil rights violations.


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