Vlog: Are There Other Types of Animal Cases Besides Dog Bites?

Other Types of Animal Cases Besides Dog Bites

If you’ve been attacked or bit by an animal that is not a cat or dog, please turn to us for help. Jeff describes how we handle these cases in the video above.

Are there other types of cases besides dog bites?

There are other types of animal bite cases. An animal that gets loose from the neighbor’s yard, sometimes a pet bear like the one that injured a neighbor as they were preparing meat.

Any animal in the state of Ohio that gets loose is subject to a statute in the state of Ohio that covers the injured person for damages inflicted by the animal and the owner of the animal.

Other Types of Animal Bites

  1. A farm animal such as a horse or cow
  2. Wild animals kept as pets like a bear or cougar
  3. Any other types of animals that are not your normal dog

These are covered under that statute and are held strictly liable to the owner and the injured person.

Animal Bite Lawyers

So if you have a question because of an animal that injured you, call the animal bite lawyers at Friedman Domiano & Smith.


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