Vlog: Why Did I Become a Lawyer?

Today, Jeff is speaking to why he decided to become a lawyer. Listen to his unique and compelling story and see why Jeff is so passionate about and committed to the work he does every day.

Q: Why did I become a lawyer?

A: I decided to become a lawyer after I was injured at age 17 and denied compensation for my injury because of a guest statute in the state of Ohio (where you could not collect if you were a guest in someone’s car, meaning a passenger, and you didn’t pay them). I finished my last year of high school in the hospital and after that I decided what I want to do — I wanted to right this wrong and the only way to do that was to become a lawyer. So, I did and we, in the 1970s, got it declared unconstitutional and were able to help many other people. It didn’t affect me anymore, but I was able to help others and that’s what we do now. We help others.


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