City of Yakima, Washington Considering Wrongful Death Settlement for $400,000

Earlier this week, the city council in Yakima Washington met to consider a settlement in a wrongful death case where they are being held responsible for the death of Marina Barajas. Marina was killed in a car accident between her and a man who was fleeing from the Yakima police.  According to the San Francisco Chronicle, “She was one of two people killed three years ago when a man fleeing police in a stolen pickup truck slammed into her car at an intersection”.

While the driver pleaded guilty to murder and other charges, and was sentenced to 52 years in prison, the city revealed this week that they are considering settling the case against them for $400,000. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, “The family of the other person killed in the crash, 29-year-old Pasqual Ayala, also filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the city, which may go to trial.” For more on the case visit the San Francisco Chronicle. learn more about Wrongful Death litigation

Last modified on February 29, 2016. Published by Friedman, Domiano & Smith Co., L.P.A.

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