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The Top 5 Major News Stories in Northeast Ohio This Week

On Behalf of | Jan 8, 2020 | Did You Know

These stories in Northeast Ohio are too important not to keep sharing. Here’s a recap of the most-talked about news stories in the region, via

  1. A 74 year-old Hinckley man pleads not guilty to raping a child under 13. What’s this guy’s story? view story.
  2. Man suspected of killing woman before setting himself on fire and walking in front of a semi-truck in a suicide attempt Monday, September 15. The man remains in critical condition. Read up on the investigation, view story.
  3. Can more be done by the court system to protect the lives of domestic violence victims? Advocates believe so. Last year, there were 524 charges of felony domestic violence handled by the court. In 2014, 360 charges of felony domestic violence have been filed so far. Become a part of the cause, view story.
  4. Chardon High School shooter, T.J. Lane escapes from prison; the self-coined, “Killer,” has now been transferred to the Ohio State Penitentiary in Youngstown, Ohio’s only super-maximum prison. Get the details on Lane and law enforcement’s story, view story.
  5. Kent State University and Northeast Ohio community outraged at Urban Outfitters’ vintage, blood-spattered KSU sweatshirt. Watch the latest reactions and next steps of the incident, view story.