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Injured Worker Compensated $1 million in Lawsuit Settlement

On Behalf of | Jan 23, 2020 | Lawsuit, Personal Injury

It was just a typical day at work at Montalvo Corp., a Main-based maker of paper-making machine parts, when Kevin D’Allaird of Albany experienced an injury that later turned into a 1 million dollar settlement in his favor.

Markline Sales, Inc., a Buffalo sales consulting company, visiting D’Allaird’s office that day hoping to sell the plant some equipment, sent a consultant to examine a machine that cuts large paper rolls into small ones.

According to the lawsuit, the sales consultant from Markline Sales suggested that D’Allaird fed the machine in way that he was unfamiliar with. As a result,

“D’Allaird’s foot was later sucked into a “nip joint” between two rollers on the machine. It took co-workers more than a half-hour to extricate D’Allaird.”

According to, “”The pain that I felt cannot be described in words,” D’Allaird said in a prepared statement.

As the case was scheduled for trial, the parties reached a settlement agreement. Markline would pay D’Allaird $300,000 and Montalvo would contribute $700,000.

In addition to the settlement payment, Montalvo also closed their Bennington Paperboard plant a year after the incident occurred.  Officials say the closure happened for reasons unrelated to the accident.

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