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Army Veteran Awarded $8.3 Million In Medical Negligence Lawsuit

On Behalf of | Jan 20, 2020 | Lawsuit, Medical Malpractice

When a routine surgical procedure went wrong at John Cochran VA Medical Center, a U.S. Army veteran lost his leg and suffered severe brain damage. He’s been awarded $8.3 million in a medical negligence lawsuit. Dirk Askew had a stent inserted in 2009 and only a week after surgery returned to the hospital because of an infection in an artery in his right leg, which was later amputated. In addition, surgeons improperly used infected tissue to repair the damage and waited too long before doing corrective surgery resulting in significant blood loss – which then led to his brain injury.

Askew is now paralyzed and mostly unable to communicate. He has three children. This case marks the latest negligence claim at John Cochran VA Medical Center after years of problems. In February, a Florida man sued the hospital over months of unnecessary radiation and chemo after being misdiagnosed with cancer.

In 2010, more than 1,800 veterans were notified that they might have been exposed to HIV, hepatitis, or other viruses because of inadequate sterilization procedures in the center’s dental clinic. No illnesses, however, were linked to the potential exposure.

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